Automating Your Comments – An Introduction

By Josh Tafoya, Technical Trainer

During my time with Bold, I’ve worked with over a hundred different monitoring centers, from the very small to the very large. There’s one thing I’ve found common through most of the centers I’ve visited: the operators are forced to read a ton of Comments (or Notes or Special Instructions) to determine what needs to happen when handling an alarm. In most cases, the operators were forced to read these notes because the old software had no way to automate the behaviors described in them. But if you’re using Manitou, there are ways to automate many of the things described in Comments.

Prevent Your Property From Being Vandalized

by guest blogger Dean White, owner of Gate Options

When it comes to your home, one of the biggest ways to feel comfortable is to feel safe. But at times this can be difficult because of the threat of vandalism to your property. Statistics say that 77% of all crimes are property crimes, which means no matter the community or neighborhood you live in, the possibility of your home being burglarized or vandalized will always be present. Even if the damage is relatively minor, vandalism can shake a homeowner’s confidence to its core. What’s more, vandalism can depress a neighborhood’s spirit as well as property values. The following slides represent some common-sense approaches to help you protect your property, neighborhood, and peace of mind.

Save Money with Home Automation

There’s no denying the rise of home automation; it’s been called the next Industrial Revolution. You may already have smart home devices: the outlet adapter which allows you to use an app to control your light or television; the door lock that doesn’t require keys; the thermostat that self-adjusts the temperature of your home. All these products, and the thousands more on the market or in development, were designed to simplify your life and surroundings. While that’s a popular concept, the better product is the one which positively impacts your wallet as well, by helping you save money with home automation. The good news is there are plenty of these on the market, too.

Product Spotlight: An Improved BoldNet Mobile

By Toby Prescott, Director of Development

Bold made several changes to BoldNet Mobile for our new update, which is now available in the relevant App Stores. I wanted to take this opportunity to review the changes we’ve made and provide some insight into what we are planning for future versions.

The changes to BoldNet Mobile cover three areas: Activity Log, Customer Info, and Password Change.

Troublesome News About False Alarm Fines

By guest blogger The Monitoring Association

If you are not concerned about the situation in Sandy Springs, GA, this update should change that. The onerous ordinance in Sandy Springs does not allow for proper due process with respect to false alarm fines. If the ordinance is allowed to stand, alarm companies will be likely held financially responsible for false alarms generated by alarm users. One member was recently fined for the following occurrence:

The Lost Art of Telephone Conversation

By Josh Tafoya, Technical Trainer

In a recent training session, I was discussing the High Priority and Low Priority fields on the User screen in the Supervisor Workstation. As you may know, these fields exist so the Central Station Manager can limit which alarms a particular operator sees. The idea is to keep brand new operators from getting a fire alarm on their first day, thus giving them a chance to ease into the alarm handling process.

But the discussion shifted to the fact that many young people, who make up a great deal of the entry-level employment pool, have never spent appreciable time speaking on the telephone. An 18-year-old has spent their entire teenage life texting. Or Snapchatting. Or Tweeting. (If I keep going, I may betray how old I actually am by listing something that hasn’t been used in years.)