Cyber Security Part 1 – What are the Threats?

October is Cyber Security month, so Bold Perennial is taking the opportunity to provide our customers with information on how to protect yourself and your business from cyber attacks. Every year, thousands of companies fall prey to attacks on their network and equipment. No one is immune; small businesses, large corporations like Target and Anthem, even one of the largest credit bureaus in the United States, Equifax, have all been hit by devastating cyber attacks. Cyber security threats are a problem which must be taken seriously.

The Scoop on Skimmers

You probably don’t think much about credit card fraud while you are filling up your car with gas. Yet ironically, it’s one of the times where your credit card is most at risk. Because over 37 million people refuel their vehicle every day, gas pumps are a prime target for credit card skimmers, discreet devices inserted into the card readers to “skim” the information for thieves while the transaction takes place. And a single pump with a skimmer attached can net the criminal anywhere from 30 to 100 card numbers per day.

So how do you spot credit card skimmers? It’s not easy to do, but here are some signs to watch for:

Top Application Security Threats

by guest blogger, Katherine Palac, Director of Marketing, Column Information Security

Technology moves so fast these days, companies can be forgiven somewhat for doing all they can to keep up with it. This is especially important in the world of apps, where being the first to market can be critical for success. However, businesses that rush through the development process may find themselves not only first to mobile devices, but also to be hacked. In their haste to be ahead of the competition, they might overlook certain crucial security risks. By releasing their products with serious flaws, they make themselves and their customers vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Retail Shrinkage from Employee Theft

Retail shrinkage is mainly associated with shoplifters, and certainly, shoplifting accounts for a large part of it, but in the United States, the bigger problem lies with employee theft. According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer study, dishonest employees account for a staggering 43% of lost revenue, more than shoplifting, vendor or supplier fraud, or non-crime losses. And while all types of retailers are affected by employee theft, discounters, supermarkets, apparel specialists, and drugstores tend to experience a higher percentage than others, adding up to about $42 billion lost each year!

Why We Use Inactivity Timeouts

By Josh Tafoya, Technical Trainer

I’ve been to over 100 Monitoring Centers during my time with Bold. They range from small “mom and pop” centers with one or two operators logged in at once, to the very large centers with literally dozens of operators at any given time.

One of the questions I’m commonly asked, whether it’s related to BoldNet (all the versions including the old Silverlight version, and of course BoldNet Neo) or with ManitouNEO, is “why do I keep getting kicked out?” An alternative version to this question is something along the lines of “why do my dealers/technicians keep getting kicked out?”

Pool Security

What better place is there to hang out during a hot summer day than poolside? If you are fortunate enough to have a backyard pool, you know the pleasure of being able to step out of your house and into its cool surroundings. But with the enjoyment of a pool comes the responsibility of securing it.

Pool security is incredibly important because pools present a huge legal risk to the owner. While laws vary, in most cases you can be held liable if an injury or death occurs at your pool, even if the injured person was trespassing on your property. In fact, most pool accidents happen when the pool isn’t actively being used, which is why securing your pool area is critical.

ATM Security for Consumers

How much thought do you give to ATM security when you use one for cash withdrawal or banking? For many, the answer is “little to none.” ATMs were created for consumer convenience, but they also provide a convenience to criminals, who find ATMs and their users to be an easy target. Bank cards have changed over the years to include ATM security measures, such as CVV codes and chip-enabling features. These measures have helped reduce some types of fraud.

The Scammers of Summer

There are multiple “sure signs” of summer which nearly everyone enjoys… blooming flowers, evening barbecues, weekend camping trips, hanging out at the pool, etc.

And then there are the signs of summer we would rather do without – allergy pills, extra bugs, mowing the yard, and the perhaps the biggest pest, the return of solicitors. For the security industry, solicitors are more than just a nuisance to customers, they are a marketing nightmare. Deceptive door-to-door sales practices continue to create mistrust and a poor reputation that is difficult for even reputable companies to overcome.

Prevent Your Property From Being Vandalized

by guest blogger Dean White, owner of Gate Options

When it comes to your home, one of the biggest ways to feel comfortable is to feel safe. But at times this can be difficult because of the threat of vandalism to your property. Statistics say that 77% of all crimes are property crimes, which means no matter the community or neighborhood you live in, the possibility of your home being burglarized or vandalized will always be present. Even if the damage is relatively minor, vandalism can shake a homeowner’s confidence to its core. What’s more, vandalism can depress a neighborhood’s spirit as well as property values. The following slides represent some common-sense approaches to help you protect your property, neighborhood, and peace of mind.