How Floorplans Can Improve Campus Safety

In the years since Columbine, school safety has changed dramatically. Schools have more measures in place to protect their students and faculty, such as controlled access, metal detectors, and cameras. While these safety measures are helpful, it is important to add an extra layer to improve campus safety by tying these isolated safety measures together. In the current climate, many school districts and universities are utilizing alarm monitoring software or Physical Security Incident Management (PSIM) software to integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices. Using alarm monitoring or PSIM software enables schools to better assess potential issues or threats and to proactively resolve security concerns.

Corporate Health – Improving the Employee Experience

(This is the fifth in a monthly series about Corporate Health, where we examine different methods and ideas for improving efficiency, your company culture, and employee morale.)

It wasn’t until the mid-1980’s that the idea of corporate culture, the set of shared values and beliefs within a business which represent the company vision, even became corporate terminology. Before that, the idea of a job bringing any level of enjoyment or comfort to the employee was fairly rare. But as this new way of thinking grew, companies began to realize that to obtain and retain the types of employees they wanted to embody their corporate culture, they needed to offer a better experience.

Securing Your Home During Summer Vacation

The kids are out of school, Memorial Day has passed, and summer has arrived! If you’re taking a trip this season, odds are you’ve done some planning for the destination, the accommodations, the activities, and the packing list. But one thing you should also plan for is securing your home while you are away. Home burglaries are at their peak during summer months, as criminals take advantage of the rise in empty homes.

Because you want your home to still look occupied while you’re gone, the obvious best plan is to have a friend or relative stay there. But if that isn’t possible, you can still give it a lived-in feel:

Strategies for Smart Password Security

So much of our life is now conducted online: online banking, online shopping, online socializing, etc. The internet has helped streamline the way we manage our personal business, but it has also presented new opportunities for hackers and cyber-criminals to gain access to our personal data. As their techniques become more refined, the need for smart password security to guard information becomes critical.

Corporate Health – The Powerful ROI from Employee Incentives

(This is the fourth in a monthly series about Corporate Health, where we examine different methods and ideas for improving efficiency, your company culture, and employee morale.)

Have you built the ideal staff for your business? Maybe you’ve fine-tuned your interview processes, done your due diligence on candidates, and hired a genuinely terrific group of talent. You’ve invested time and money into training them and giving them the tools to succeed as employees and you are very pleased with the results. Now, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to ensure this investment, and find a way to keep all these talented people on a long-term basis?

Spring Cleaning For a Safer House

The days are getting warmer, and more people are heading outside to enjoy sunshine and short sleeves. For many, the warmer weather also means spring cleaning –  deep cleaning the house from top to bottom. But while you’re scrubbing the corners, you can also help your house stay as safe as possible with these spring cleaning tips!

Alternative Uses for Surveillance Cameras

giraffe camAfter a long, anticipated wait, April, the pregnant giraffe at the Animal Adventure Park in New York, finally gave birth to her calf this past weekend. The birth was a highly anticipated event, since millions of people had been monitoring April via live stream for well over a month. The event also demonstrated a use for surveillance cameras not centered on security: giving observers an inconspicuous view of the animal world. In fact, multiple zoos and wildlife refuges now use cameras to observe the behavior and actions of their animals to provide better care. But residential consumers and other industries are also finding new and alternative uses for surveillance cameras outside basic security:

Privacy and Security Issues with the IoT

The Internet of Things is growing every day and opening up exciting possibilities for consumers. Among some of the more recent innovations: a leak detector which helps you avoid water damage, a sensor for your garden which alerts consumers to the need for water or fertilizer, the television that doubles as a controller for your home automation devices, etc. But the more connected we become, the more possibilities there are for privacy and security issues with the Internet of Things.

Why Are Virus Protection and Offsite Backups So Vital?

by Josh Tafoya, Technical Trainer

Computer viruses are a real drag.

Seeing as how you’re all reading this on the Internet, I’m going to assume that I don’t need to do the remedial explanation of computer viruses. We learned about them years ago. Anyone who feels they need to understand the concept a bit more, feel free to check out the Wikipedia entry or your favorite search engine to learn more.

In my 19 years as an I.T. professional, and in the dozen years before that as a nerdy (before it was cool) young person, I’ve been lucky to have only been affected once by a computer virus.

(Hang on, I need to knock on wood here.)